Research on thermoplastic repairs

  • Start: 01/01/2021
  • End: 30/06/2022

The main objective of RETPAIR is the development of new high performance, flexible and cost-effective, automated and robotized net-shape technologies to rework and repair TPC parts to be integrated in the manufacturing line. The proposed solutions assure one-side accessibility and are supported by a digital-based methodology to assist the patch design and manufacturing. An induction welding solution for structural damages repair based on pre-manufactured patches will be developed, and two in-situ consolidation solutions for structural and non-structural applications based on automated and robotized layer-by-layer patch in-situ creation: an automated laying (AL) solution based on ATL/AFP technologies will be investigated for structural and large size repairs (led by AIMEN), and a 3D printing FFF-based solution, using both continuous carbon fibre filaments and short fibre filaments will allow to tune patches’ strength for different repair requirements (led by AIMEN).
To assure the thermal and mechanical quality of the repair, the critical process parameters will be monitored and controlled. The applicability of the new repair technologies for different damage scenarios will be investigated, also the required work of a future industrial implementation for the technologies towards TRL6.
RETPAIR developments will result in flexible and accurate repair technologies for high performance and quality solutions, thus collaborating in TPCs growing use in the aeronautic industry.

  • Sectors: Aerospace
  • Financing programme: CLEAN SKY 2
  • R&D&i: Multimaterial systems, Coating technology, Materials under extreme conditions, Integrated monitoring and control systems, Robotics for logistics
  • Partners: CT Ingenieros
  • Acronym: RETPAIR
  • Ambit: International