Additive Manufacturing Excellence Network

  • Start: 06/08/2021
  • End: 05/08/2023

The READI network focuses on facilitating, enhancing and accelerating the integration of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies in industrial processes and in this area the general technical objective of strengthening the research and development capacities in AM technology of each one of the technology centers of the group and throughout the different phases of the value chain, through actions focused on overcoming the technical challenges that, today, represent a barrier to the implementation of said technology in industrial production processes, being the expected exploitable results the development and processing of new materials, big parts manufacturing, the improvement of the surface quality and the integration of advanced functionalities and the improvement of the control and productivity in the production processes. Specifically, the AIMEN´s role deals with the development of thew multi-material components, nano-reinforced light alloys and biopolimer and continue fibre-based filaments, together with recycled- based filaments. On the other hand, AIMEN will work in the manufacturing of big parts using FDM, developing a new robotic head for the deposition of a coninuous fibre reinforced filament, but also LMD and WAAM togeher with the monitoring and control of these processes and their simulation by finite elements. Finally, AIMEN will support READI network withe their expertise in Fibre Optic Sensors and powder flow monitoring.

  • Sectors: Transport, Aerospace, Consumer goods, Industrial equipment, Tooling
  • R&D&i: Additive manufacturing, Laser assisted processing, high power and high throughput laser processing
  • Leader: IDONIAL Centro Tecnológico
  • Partners: AIMEN Centro Tecnológico, Aitiip Centro Tecnológico, Acondicionamiento Tarrasense - Leitat
  • Acronym: READI
  • Ambit: National
  • Web: