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Sustainable manufacture systems towards novel bio-based materials

  • Start: 01/09/2022
  • End: 31/08/2025

The main goal of GREEN-LOOP is to develop and demonstrate a comprehensive set of novels, cost-effective and sustainable (green) bio-based products, able to substitute traditional materials.
Three value chains will be implemented:

1.Bio-rubber: Multifunctional rubber panels (with lignin additives from kraft process residues) with fire retardant and vibrational properties for civil engineering construction.
2.Bio-plastic: bottle closures created from agro-industry residues for the packaging, food and beverage sectors.
3.Wood composites: Sliding bearings for appliance and tools sectors. These new bio-based products aim for better mechanical, physical and chemical properties compared with conventional materials.

At the same time, ensuring a substantially lower environmental footprint, being non-toxic and demonstrating its recyclability/ reusability/refurbish-ability. Furthermore, GREENLOOP will master, deploy, and secure autonomy in the strategic value chains developed within the project.
AIMEN's role focuses on studying the sustainability of project developments by carrying out environmental, cost and social life cycle assessments.

  • Sectors: Construction, Food packaging, Manufacturing processes
  • Financing programme: HORIZON EUROPE
  • R&D&i: waste treatment and valorisation, Life cycle assessment. Carbon footprint.
  • Leader: IDENER
  • Partners: AIMEN Centro Tecnológico, ISQ, AXIA Innovation, IRIS Technology Solutions S.L., Austrian Standards International, FRAUNHOFER GESELLSCHAFT ZUR FORDERUNG DER ANGEWANDTEN FORSCHUNG EV, National composite center- NCC, National Institute of chemistry- NIC, University of Bristol- UBRIS, Slovenian national building and civil E.I.ZAG, Labrenta SRL LBRT, Mixcycling srl- MYX, Nero su bianco- NSB, Gerace Maria Cristina- Terre di zoe’ tdz, Glowny instytut gornictwa- GIG, Aachen university: process control engineering aau de Aachen university: institute of sociology
  • Acronym: GREENLOOP
  • Ambit: International
  • Web: www.greenloop-project.eu